Online Reputation Management

“Drive your happy customers to fuel your brand’s reputation”

A brand’s reputation is prone every other moment. Fake news gets viral quickly as it is distributed six times faster than a true story. So, a single negative review on the internet is a threat to your brand’s image.
Now, Online reputation management comes to play. It can help you to manage your brand’s image by implementing effective tactics to keep it always into a positive light. Baseline is that it works with potentially damaging content that can portray your brand towards bad light and affect the effortful efforts of your team.
Whether you have a negative comment or a low star rating. Online reputation management specialists can devise personalised approaches to solve any reputation related problems. This will aid transparency -a reflection of brands' loyalty.
Customer’s are today looking for organic interaction with companies, either in comments or DMs on instagram directly. Online reputation experts channelise an approach to incorporate all the essential steps such as; addressing negative feeds, empathising customer concerns, automating online responses and much more. They take off each of the small fires before it turns up into serious damage.
Shoppers trust what they hear & see on the internet!
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Online reputation management involves the set of activities in response to the feeds on the internet which portrays a brand in a negative light. This includes responding to the reviews, comments, concerns, or feedback empathetically and strategically to safeguard brand’s reputation.

Although PR and ORM both are committed to portray a brand in the best light. But, PR works externally for a brand which means it works outside the internet. And, ORM specialists monitor online activities associated with a brand. That’s why online reputation management is highly-reactive. Most tasks related to ORM are handled internally.

A business pours its heart and soul to make their customers happy. So, they can’t take a chance of hammering it due to mistaken ignorance or conscious negligence. If it is a low-star rating or an unsatisfied comment from a customer, as a brand owner you cannot take the risk to damage your brand’s reputation.

Hence, it is essential to monitor such activities that are associated with your brand. It will help you to have more hold at the online reputation of your brand.

Whether you are a company or a personal brand you will find ORM services reliable. It is a two-fold process which optimises brand’s presence in fact, assesses damage and minimises its effects. It will help your brand to stand out of your competitors.

Considering a typical ORM, it’s strategy includes;

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Review Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Customer Services Tactics

Some of these approaches fall into the parent category of digital services known as SEO.

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