Ambulance Management System

“Save a life with modern technology-based AMS systems”

Do you understand the golden hour is crucial during any medical emergency? It can Save a Life during an extremity. Patients often fight to locate an ambulance to assist them during this momentous time. But not anymore, thanks to the innovative solutions launched that unlocked the superb solutions with marvellous features.
Ambulance Management System Solutions enable people or healthcare organisations to harmonise & operate Ambulance Services. These designed & customised solutions produce a trustworthy & powerful condition for handling the conveyance of the patients as per their desired destination needs. These solutions are incorporated with vital segments to aid in reaching patients to their destinations. Thus, utilise the golden hour effectively.
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Ambulance Management System
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It is the integrated systems of software and healthcare organisations for tracking the Ambulance or deployed vehicles effectively. The system is helpful for the management of ambulance services along with respective driver management. Therefore, act as a complete platform for normal and emergency ambulance services.

There are basically two types of ambulance management services that are broadly categorised into two categories:

  • Emergency Ambulance Services
  • Non-emergency Ambulance Services

They attend all types of ambulances which involves whether scheduled or emergency assistance for transit.

The fundamental purpose of Ambulance Management Systems (AMS) includes empowering emergency response desks of healthcare institutions that help to provide the best care to patients while in transit. AMS helps to manage the ambulances and their statuses.

AMS such as Shnagel helps at modernising emergency responses for patients. The integration of innovative technologies enables patients to access emergency information whenever in need. Thus, data-driven decisions in such stages help at utilising the golden hour for saving lives efficiently.

It is really important to choose the right AMS services. If you want to choose AMS services it is necessary to evaluate it with the following services that are:

  • Make sure it is a holistic service & adds business agility
  • Equipped with plenty of industry expertise
  • Holds expertise to evaluate your business needs
  • Can provide you with customised solutions
  • Create flexible & scalable systems
  • Offers values & round the clock support

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